Fun stuff by me

During my free time, I usually build a lot of side projects. I am listing some of them below that showcase my skills as a developer.

My Portfolio Site (this one)

About a year ago, I thought I should start looking at options to create my own developer portfolio site.

Went through many technical stacks and finally chose Gatsby.js.

Here is what I used:

  • Gatsby.js (internally uses GraphQL)
  • React Spring
  • Netlify hosting
  • NetlifyCMS for headless content management
  • Styled components (CSS in JS strategy)
  • Gatsby Image Sharp for image optimisation
  • PropTypes for type-checking in the application
  • React Helmet for SEO header meta controls.
  • Prettier, ESLint for code quality
  • Lighthouse CI performance testing
  • MDX - markdown react components


DemoSource Code